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Class 8 "Semi"



* NOTE The vast majority of unmodified Class 8 semi trucks will operate perfectly with our 150gph (T 150G model). Modified vehicles may require the higher flow rate of our T 220G model. Other specific fuel rates are also available. Contact us for more information.

* NOTE Class 8 semi trucks with stock Caterpillar C16 or stock Cummins ISX Signature 600 engines will require the 220gph flow rate of our T 220G model.

* NOTE Class 8 semi trucks with Unit Injected Mechanical (UIM) fuel systems require an additional oil pressure switch (part number 78143) which is included in all of our Titanium UIM Kits for proper operation.

* NOTE Class 8 FASS systems all require fuel line kits for installation. Please visit our Fuel Line Kits page for fitment options.

*NOTE 2nd Generation DD15 please call Technical Support for application recommendation.